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Планета страха
[ ] 2007-11-04, 8:11 AM
Category: Horror | Added by: OMEN | Author: OMEN
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1 Veronica  
This is a fun poll. 28 Days Later is the easy choice for me in the first poll. I've often thugoht about how fun a zombie apocalypse would be. Of course, I was fantasizing about slow, staggering zombies that I could easily outrun. Fast zombies are much more terrifying. I wouldn't mind if a large percentage of the population was wiped out, though, since I generally try to avoid human interactions as much as possible. Plus I live out in the country, so it'd be much easier to survive here than in a crowded city. I'd just gather a shitload of weapons (not too hard to find with all the rednecks around here), find a nice secluded house somewhere, build a fortress around it, plant a garden, etc. My runner-up choice would be Halloween, just since Mike Myers won't make me suffer as much as the others. Saw is my choice for the second poll. I know there's a chance to escape, but to do so would require a shitload of pain, and I don't like pain. At least in the other movies I can still run like hell since I'm not automatically captured. I think I could outsmart a family of inbred hillbillies, and Leatherface runs pretty slow. Nightmare on Elm Street would be my second choice for the movie I'd least want to be in, since sleep is inevitable.

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